A Success Story

Besa Kalanga has just graduated in Civil Environmental Engineering at the University of Zambia.

She was sponsored by ShareAfrica from 2008 when she was in secondary school and through her studies at University. She says,”In today’s cruel world one can seldom receive help from people with whom no blood bonds exist.  SAZ however, has vividly shown that God’s love is way beyond human relations.  I am a beneficiary of their good works through the Lord’s own people that I have never met before. Indeed God works in mysterious ways to perform his will.”

She tells us that he journey has not been smooth and engineering was a challenging course. But she says, “Knowing that there were Christians sacrificing for my education pushed me to work a lot harder”

She hopes eventually to be employed by Road Development Agency (RDA) or Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) and that some day she will be able to help poorer Christians through their education.

We have over 20 orphans currently needing sponsorship. Select an orphan for sponsorship and change their lives just like Besa’s.