Floods in Luapula Province

Covid-19 is poised to bring suffering and hardship in Zambia. However, some are already suffering because of recent flooding.  There have been severe rains in the northern part of Zambia and a lot of bridges and roads have been washed away in and around Samfya in Luapula Province. A number of believers have been badly affected by the floods resulting in their homes collapsing and their maize and cassava fields being swept away.

We have heard of at least 34 believers from four Assemblies who have been severely affected. This area is about 700km, that is at least  10 hours diving time, from Lusaka so it is not easy for ShareAfrica Zambia to provide practical help. It is hoped that it may be possible to send some cash relief to help our fellow believers to rebuild and recover from the devastation.

Sichoobo Food Distribution

When the ShareAfrica team visited Sichoobo earlier in the year they found that the believers were finding things difficult. The hall was badly in need of repair, two of the elders are seriously sick, crop failures has caused a food shortage, children looked under nourished, and some of the accommodation visited was as bad as any they had seen. ShareAfrica has now been able to deliver some food supplies for them. Please pray for the testimony in these areas, together with the spiritual encouragement and practical help of the believers there.

A Success Story

Besa Kalanga has just graduated in Civil Environmental Engineering at the University of Zambia.

She was sponsored by ShareAfrica from 2008 when she was in secondary school and through her studies at University. She says,”In today’s cruel world one can seldom receive help from people with whom no blood bonds exist.  SAZ however, has vividly shown that God’s love is way beyond human relations.  I am a beneficiary of their good works through the Lord’s own people that I have never met before. Indeed God works in mysterious ways to perform his will.”

She tells us that he journey has not been smooth and engineering was a challenging course. But she says, “Knowing that there were Christians sacrificing for my education pushed me to work a lot harder”

She hopes eventually to be employed by Road Development Agency (RDA) or Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) and that some day she will be able to help poorer Christians through their education.

We have over 20 orphans currently needing sponsorship. Select an orphan for sponsorship and change their lives just like Besa’s.

Seed Farm

Soybean and groundnut seed crops have done well. Harvesting will commence in April and continue through May. We are still awaiting a new variety of parent Maize seed promised by the ministry of agriculture. This will be grown at the Makeni site under close supervision.

Fighting Malnutrition – Soya Blend for Orphans

Malnutrition underlies 52% of all under-five deaths in Zambia. The 2016/17 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey notes that 40 percent of children under five are either stunted or wasted (stunted is age-to-height and wasting is weight-to-age).
To improve the nutritional diet of children on the orphan Programme, the SHAREAfrica Zambia factory has begun producing a Corn Soya Blend (CSB) which will be distributed to the children during visitation. We also try to sell the food to other ‘feeding
programs’ to cover the cost of production.   Read more about the product in our September 2018 Newsletter.

Orphan Programme

We urgently need new sponsors. We have 25 children in the queue waiting to be sponsored and many more being assessed. The programme has been running for 10 years with evaluations showing that children’s lives are being changed. While most schools are now government funded, children still can’t afford uniforms, school books, and in some cases even shoes.  


Please go to ‘Sponsor a Child’ on our web site and sign up today. If you need information go to the information page. If you need help setting up the donation give us a call or contact us at info@shareafrica.com



Outgrowers Scheme

115 Farmers have been included in the programme for the 2018/19 season. 

An additional 50 farmers have been given seed. They are not included in the management programme, but we expect the quality seed will help them increase their yields.

The rains have been good this year and most farmers are expecting a good harvest. Harvesting will commence in April and continue through May. Shelling, grading and bagging will continue until September. 

Oxen and a plough have been purchased for selected farmers and results are very positive. For those surveyed they have been able to cultivate an additional 7 acres which based on the value of the crop should easily justify the initial cost. We are looking for donations to help multiply the benefit. 

Food Factory

The sales of peanut butter, especially Moringa peanut butter, have increased to the point that the small factory at Makeni is having to run two shifts. This is good news for employment, however, procuring enough groundnuts to meet the demand is a cashflow challenge since stock for the next 12 months has to be bought at the time of harvest (June / July).

The increase in sales has made the plant financially stable with less risk to jobs.

Other new products are in development and planned for release in September / October.

The factory is a Not for Profit business. Any profit will be distributed to other non profit making activities such as Farmer support, Orphan support or Church support.