Church Support

As we have therefore the opportunity let us do good unto all men especially unto them who are of the household of faith (Galatians 6:10)

Our position has changed in regard to building new assembly halls. Experience has shown that it is better to give support to those who are committed to doing what they can on their own by, for example, making their own bricks and using their own labour. This, not only instills responsibility and ownership, but also equips them to care for the building once complete.

While SHAREAfrica will continue to support building work, our main emphases will be towards humanitarian aid, water projects, and  supporting evangelical outreach.

We will continue to support some building work but the list below shows the type of support that we believe is most needed.  

  • Food relief 
  • Bibles (Purchased in Zambia)
  • Hymnbooks (Purchased in Zambia)
  • Bicycles for outreach work
  • Chairs
  • Help for local teachers
  • Smart Phones with Bible text and Bible messages pre-loaded. 
  • Water wells
Food Relief