Food Production

The Food Factory

The SHAREAfrica Zambia Food Factory is the last link in the supply chain. It provides a market for the farmers, adds value processing food, creates employment, and provides skills which are important to the Zambian economy.

The Zambian government are encouraging local producers to make products that will compete with foreign suppliers. To do this requires investment in machinery and skills capable of producing quality products at a competitive price. It also requires outlay in buildings, systems, and infrastructure, to meet the quality standards and volumes necessary for it to be viable. 

The factory specialises in precooked nutritious foods which make healthy additions to children’s diets. The main ingredients are peanuts, corn, beans, soya, and peas, supplemented with added vitamins.

The market for locally produced food is growing due to the high cost of imported food. Having a range of produce is necessary to maintain sales volumes, and to remain competitive. The hands-on work experience for many who were previously unemployed, develops skills and provides a steady income 

Although most of our employees are professed Christians; not that we discriminate against other faiths, but the harmony and commitment that comes from a workplace centred on Christian values has proved beneficial. The workday always begins with prayer.

SHAREAfrica Zambia continues to research new products and new ways to improve efficiency. Any grants, used equipment, specialised advice, that would help us improve the facility would be gratefully considered. Our aim is to reduce poverty and malnutrition by improving productivity, and producing nutritious foods

The Factory is a non-profit making division of SHAREAfrica Zambia. Profits are used to develop the facility as well as fund other charitable commitments undertaken by the company.