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Seed Farm

Rains have come and crops are doing well. This year we are growing more soybeans because the crop is more resilient to drought and less prone to attack by armyworms. Groundnut seed is also being planted in lesser quantities due to the effect of rosette disease. We are still hoping to get a new variety of Maize seed promised by the ministry of agriculture but as yet not released.

Outgrowers Scheme

115 Farmers have been included in the programme for the 2018/19 season. All seed has been distributed and planting is underway.

An additional 50 farmers have been given seed. They are not included in the management programme, but we expect the quality seed will help them increase their yields.

We have advised farmers to plant early to avoid some of the diseases that affected their crops last year

Oxen and a plough have been purchased for selected farmers to see what productivity benefits can be achieved. We will simply measure the increased acreage that a farmer can cultivate, and the resulting increase in revenue.

All farmers appreciate the support given by SAZ and thank all who have contributed.