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Seed Farm

The harvesting of soya beans, groundnuts and sunflower is now complete. Seed is being is being dried and shelled. The sunflower yield is down due to late planting but the soya and groundnuts have performed well.

The crops have been checked regularly by the Ministry of Agriculture and sample seed has been bagged and sent to laboratories for testing. We are hopeful that all seed will certified for use next season.

Outgrowers Scheme

All farmers have begun harvesting. The process of sorting, shelling, bagging, transporting, will go on from now until August. The yields look to be as expected with just a few reporting some loss due to disease or early season drought. The government has issued a warning that the country’s maize crops may be less this year than forecast.

The new Farmer Sponsorship system is now up and running. See details on the web site.

A new type of manual sheller has been designed and built by our people in Chipata. These will be shared among a group of farmers. They will also be available for sale to farmers not on the scheme.

Mussa has his new motorbike. This will assist him greatly in getting to the farms.