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Seed Farm

The Soybean and groundnut seed crops have done well this season. Harvesting was completed in August and seed is now being distributed to farmers for the 2021 season.

All surplus seed has been sold and profits used to expand the scheme and invest in needed infrastructure.

New early maturing varieties of groundnuts will be trialled next season as well as new varieties of beans.

We are grateful to the Chiefs for supporting the work by allocation additional land for seed development.

The seed development is critical in improving farming yields and guaranteeing best value for cash crops. 

Outgrowers Scheme

250 farmers were supported during the 2019-20 the majority of whom performed well. An impact report will be prepared when the season formally closes in October, but early feedback indicates that farmer earnings have increased from previous years. 

The main reasons for improvements are good quality seed, the expansion of fields due to the introduction of oxen and ploughs, and the guaranteed market for their produce.

The scheme overall is well managed by experienced people. The farming community now recognises SAZ as a credible long term player in  the region.

In 2020-21 the scheme will be expanded by a further 50 farmers mostly from areas in the northern part of the astern Province. 

The new farmers added to the scheme are supported by sponsors. If successful in the first year they are then supported in subsequent years by SAZ form profits made from trading. SAZ is an NPO therefor all profits are reinvested to expand the benefits.

Our aim is to reduce poverty and build economic stability in rural villages. Loan schemes for building local infrastructure are now being considered.

Please continue to support the programme. Many hundreds of farmers are appealing for help. The potential through collaboration and crop planning can transform the prospects of village life.