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Fighting Malnutrition – Soya Blend for Orphans

Malnutrition underlies 52% of all under-five deaths in Zambia. The 2016/17 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey notes that 40 percent of children under five are either stunted or wasted (stunted is age-to-height and wasting is weight-to-age).
To improve the nutritional diet of children on the orphan Programme, the SHAREAfrica Zambia factory has begun producing a Corn Soya Blend (CSB) which will be distributed to the children during visitation. We also try to sell the food to other ‘feeding
programs’ to cover the cost of production.   Read more about the product in our September 2018 Newsletter.

President Edgar Lungu visits an assembly in Eastern Provence

 On 22nd July 2018, the Chitandika assembly was privileged to have the republican president of Zambia, Edgar Lungu,attend the Sunday gospel meeting.

Brother Mussa Tembo, the SHAREAfrica Zambia farm manager, preached from Isaiah 53 v 5 and Acts 3 v 19. The message centred on the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ and the need for repentance.

Our SHAREAfrica Zambia project manager Mwewa Mwindula, who was also present, took the opportunity to inform the president of SHAREAfrica Zambia’s activities within the community. The President was delighted to learn how the organisation is impacting the lives of the poor. He praised those involved in the work and promised to visit our processing plant in Lusaka.  Read more about the visit and other news items in the September 2018 Newsletter

Work Starts at John Laing Assembly

A few years back SAZ supported the John Laing Assembly by undertaking a large landfill operation adjacent to their assembly building. The new land now belongs to the assembly and they have now begun to build their new hall. They are a progressive company situated in a poor suburb of Lusaka. We are encouraged to see the progress and pray all will go well as they work together on this new project.

Burglary at the SAZ Office

Early on Friday 13th July the SAZ office was burgled. The safe plus all computer equipment was stolen. The safe also contained the backup data for the accounts computers. The premises is guarded in the evenings by a resident contract guard. The guard is in police custody but so far no progress has been made in recovering the stolen goods.

Food Factory

We are in the final stages of testing a new product line which we hope to start marketing in November.

New equipment is on order which will speed up the packaging process. Delivery is due in December.

The new office block is taking shape. We aim to have it weather-proof before the first rains.