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Maize Shortage Predicted

The government has issued a warning that there could be shortage of maize this year. It is cause by early rains followed by a dry period prior to the normal rains. The maize crops were young and many didn’t survive the dry spell. We will be kept informed if any believers run short of food early part of next year. That is when stocks are most likely to run out. The elderly are most vulnerable since they have small fields and a small loss can mean they run short of food before the next harvest.

Food Factory

We are working on a new recipe for a nutritious food that can be given to orphans and families that are seriously malnourished. These will be 25 or 50kg bags, appropriately labeled so people know that it is a specially prepared food and that it is a SAZ free distribution. Initially, the distribution will be limited to households supporting the children on the Orphan Programme

Work has started the foundation of the new office block

Work has also started on the installation of the electricity upgrade

Sales are still slow. The factory is now registered with the largest Supermarket in Zambia but we are still awaiting our first order.


Cholera outbreak in Zambia

:The severe outbreak of cholera which claimed hundreds of lives seems to be under control. In Lusaka however, they are still experiencing prolonged periods of heavy rain which heightens the risk of further outbreaks