Sponsor a Child

  • Name - Ruth
    Age - 8
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZGN26
    Ruth's mother died 2015 since then her father's where about is unknown,a case of 'runaway dad'.Grand mother has enrolled Ruth in grade one 2018 but to maintain her in school is another challenge.
  • Name - Mirriam
    Age - 10
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZCH55
    Mirriam is being kept by her aunt, Silvia, who used to sale vegetables on the streets. Following government's restriction on street vending, life has become more difficult and as such sustaining Marriam in school is an uphill struggle.
  • Name - Mapalo
    Age - 11
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZGN27
    Mapalo's educational road is uncertain due to guardian's low source of income through vegetable street vending. Mapalo is facing an educational uphill journey due to lack of financial support.
  • Name - Sharon
    Age - 4
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZCH58
    Sharon is a double orphan currently being looked after by Silvia, a widow of eight children and unemployed. They earn a living by renting out two of their five roomed apartment, the income is so insufficient to meet Sharon's school needs.
  • Name - Alex
    Age - 12
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZGN29
    Alex stays with his brother who is a youth and unemployed. Despite the challenges they are facing, Alex is said to be a regular Sunday school attendant and intelligent at school .The help to the boy will provide hope for his education and great relief to the whole youth headed family.
  • Name - Andew
    Age - 12
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZGN30
    Andrew a grade seven pupil was commended by his teacher as intelligent child; The guardian, who is a widower has challenges supporting his family as he is not in gainful employment and they are just accommodated by a member of the assembly.