Sponsor a Child

  • Name - Mwaka
    Age - 10
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZCH59
    Mwaka's educational road seems to be 'bumpy and uncertain' after the passing away of her father.Now,under care of a widowed guardian, the new guardian is burdened with so many challenges as she has a large family to look after.
  • Name - Ruth
    Age - 7
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZGN33
    After the death of her mother,Ruth has been in the custody of her grand mother.Ruth does not know her father because the man didn't take responsibilities.The aged guardian has no means of seeing Ruth through her academics.
  • Name - Norah
    Age - 8
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZGN34
    The unfortunate situation of being an Orphan is hitting Norah hard in the face as she doesn't know what her education future will be like with her guardian's insufficient flow of income.
  • Name - Rebecca
    Age - 11
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZKM25
    Rebecca is a double orphan who is in great need but her guardian,Shadreck,has no other means of supporting her in school as he is only a bricklayer and resources are limited. .
  • Name - Esther
    Age - 9
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZKM26
    Esther faces huge challenges of being a double orphan and her guardian ,Shadreck ,is a bricklayer who does not make enough income to enable her have decent education.
  • Name - Joseph
    Age - 12
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZKM27
    Joseph,a double orphan, is doing grade eight this year 2018, but his education faces a dark shadow because his guardian being a bricklayer is not financial sound to maintain him in school.