Supporting Farmers in Zambia

Rural Farmer Support - The 'Outgrowers' Scheme

Food security is a priority for most people in Zambia. Growing enough food to feed the family, as well as earning cash to buy domestic essentials, is an on-going challenge for 70% of the population. Many suffer from malnutrition and related disease because they cannot grow sufficient food to last them throughout the year. Factors such as, drought, lack of tools, poor quality seed, no fertiliser, inadequate transport, limited markets, poor management, all contribute to the difficulties.

The Outgrowers Scheme, run by SHAREAfrica Zambia, aims to make rural farming more productive and profitable by providing quality seed, fertiliser, bags, storage, training, and small loans for hired labour during planting and harvesting. The scheme also provides a market for the produce by guaranteeing to buy back the farmers produce, which is grown from the seed provided, at 10% above market price.

Hundreds of farmers have benefited from the scheme with real evidence of improvements in health and wellbeing. 

Investment in transport, storage, training, seed, chemicals, and so on is needed to sustain the scheme and enable it to expand to include others who urgently need help.

Out-growers Impact Report

The Out-growers Impact Report describes how the scheme works and gives details of the numbers of farmers being helped by the scheme. 2019 was a good year for the scheme achieving our goals and all the farmers on the scheme reported higher yields and imprved income. The scheme not only helps the farmers involved but their extended families and others would gain employment on casual labour. Click on the image to download a copy of the report.


A donation of £20 or $30 a month can provide seed, fertiliser, training and equipment for supporting farmers in Zambia. 

  • 90% of your donation goes to the farmer.
  • 10% is used for field administration
  • Other administration and management costs are subsidised by SHAREAfrica Zambia and SHAREAfrica UK  

A whole family, including dependants, will benefit from your generosity.