“as a matter of fairness, that your abundance at the present time should supply their need” (2Cor 8v14)

Caring and sharing are important characteristics of the Christian faith. As a non-profit making organisation our aim is to create opportunities that will alleviate the poverty felt by those in greatest need.

Select and sponsor a child

Sponsoring Children's Education


In Zambia many thousands of children remain uneducated because their parents or guardians cannot afford to send them to school.

This programme provides financial support to those most vulnerable. 

All children are selected and monitored by a team of qualified people.

All children are being cared for by fellow Christians

Sponsors have secured access to reports about the child’s progress and wellbeing.

All money donated goes directly to the project

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Supporting Rural

Providing food for the family is the main priority of every subsistence farmer 

The SHAREAfrica Outgrowers programme provides seed, training, equipment, and a guaranteed market for their produce.

All famers are fellow believers living in impoverished conditions in rural Zambia

The benefits extend to the whole family as well as dependents and workers

All donated money goes directly to the farmer. Management overheads are covered by SHAREAfrica.

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Select and sponsor a farmer.


SHAREAFrica Zambia (SAZ) has a small farm in the Eastern Province where they grow a variety of seed for distribution to the farmers on the Outgrowers scheme. The improvement in yields has greatly improved farmer earnings. We will continue our research into seed that is suited to the harsh conditions prevalent in these areas. For more information visit www.shareafricazambia.com.

Grain produced by the Outgrowers is purchased and brought back to a small factory in Lusaka where it is made into food products which are sold to local supermarkets. The factory is a ‘Not for Profit’ business with profits being used to support other sustainable projects. The factory also employs and trains people who otherwise would be unemployed. For more information visit www.shareafricazambia.com

With so few people in gainful employment many assemblies in Zambia struggle to maintain their facilities. In the past SHAREAfrica Zambia has helped to build structures as well as provide funds for Bibles, Hymnbooks, and Gospel Outreach.  We have also delivered humanitarian aid during times of famine, especially to the elderly who rely on friends and family to provide food.   

Development Projects

Electricity Upgrade for the Food Factory:  After months of waiting, the electricity company has now surveyed the site and specified the requirements. We have subsequently paid for a new transformer and the installation of new power lines. We are now awaiting a start date from ZESCO, the Zambian electricity provider.  

New Office Block:  Plans have been submitted for a small office at Makeni and work has commenced on the foundations.  As reported in the last newsletter, the present office, built with modified steel shipping containers with no toilets or running water, does not conform to current planning requirements and must be replaced by a permanent structure.  The building work will be done in four phases. It will take some time but we are pleased to have made a start.

Orphan Programme Software:  The new system is now live. Records are being checked and updated. New children are being added to the system for new sponsors. The on-line sponsorship feature is still under development and should be available soon. For those who use the system to check on sponsored children, please bear with us for a few weeks till we correct teething problems.  

Sponsorship for Farmers:  Our Farming Programme has proved very beneficial to farmers and their families.  Not only has it brought about improved diets for families but has enabled farmers to pay school fees, repair houses and buy oxen. We therefore, want to expand the programme to accommodate many more assembly believers who have been asking to join the scheme.  However, we cannot do this without dedicated funding. We have therefore developed a Farmer Support system, similar to the Orphan Support system, where people can select a family and donate a monthly amount towards their support. The system should be ready sometime in May. 

New products are constantly being developed. Moringa peanut butter and chicken spice mix were launched in April. A new cornflake line will be launched as soon as we get the electricity upgrade. The aim is to make the factory profitable so it can cover the overheads of other activities. However sizable capital investment is needed to launch new products. We are grateful for the support that has got us to where we are.  

Creating worthwhile employment, and providing nutritious food, are essential contributors to sustainable development.